●What is HACK JPN?
As human beings, we create the future with the time that we have now. The power to design society is attained by acting in the moment. HACK JPN is a company that encourages the mind to utilize the tool of imagination to create a better tomorrow.

●Our Skills

Recognizing Problems 88%
Problem Solving 74%
Web Design 82%
App Development 72%
Motivation 120%
Passion 120% 

●Our Concept

Changing Japan, Changing the World

All business efforts are solely contributed to improve Japan in the world market.

Action is louder than any words

We take action to form goals, promising to continually challenge ourselves and others.

Stay Hungry, Stay Hungry

We always make the time for self reflection and find areas that need polishing.

Spreading Growth in the World  

We support those who give it their all to advance society and those who uplift others.

Our Service

Our Service

●Business description: Providing solutions to social and business problems.

About Us

Our Mission

Make Happiness Around Us
Rather than having the mindset to always win, we should be making happiness a priority in our lives. In addition, we aim to expand the circle of happiness to our families, employees, communities, and the world.

Our Team

Hikaru Tomura

Eugine Wilkinson

Tatsuro Ide

Melissa Jew

Suzuka Matsuda
Social Designer

Alisher Khaliullin
Web Designer

Lana Tarnava
Press Designer

Juna Sugata
Product Designer

Yusuke Koshimizu
Financial Desinger

Momo Ikeda
Career Designer

Yukino Suzuki
Community Designer

Fumiyasu Kagami
Web Developer

Feng Xi
Interior Designer

Mita Ayano
Illust Designer

Rika Koshimizu

Taisuke Murata
Media Director

Contact Us

Contact Us

We are available for social design jobs. Please contact us and send us your questions and inquiries.

team@hackjpn.com |2035 California St, Mountain View, CA 94040, USA

Project name


URL: http://sv-ship.com/usa

Project Details

SV-SHIP is a platform designed to find internships in leading companies throughout Silicon Valley. While attending school, students can gain marketable skills and work experience through these opportunities. SV-SHIP is the bridge that connects students and companies to enhance their futures.

Project Overview


Project Details


Project Overview


Project Details